Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

1. Application:

These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of goods from Absolute Gifts. Contact us via email at absolutegiftsuk@gmail.com or by phone at +34 697 271 181.

2. Interpretation:

  • “Consumer” means an individual acting for personal purposes outside of trade, business, or profession.
  • “Contract” is the binding agreement between you and us for the supply of goods.
  • “Delivery Location” is the premises or designated location for goods delivery.
  • “Goods” include high-quality cotton and cozy funky socks, sterling silver jewellery, and various gift items advertised on our website, absolutegiftsuk.com.

3. Goods:

  • Goods descriptions provided are illustrative; minor discrepancies in size and color may occur.
  • Tailored goods require accurate information provided by you.
  • Availability of goods is subject to change, and we may alter goods to comply with applicable laws or safety requirements.

4. Personal Information:

  • We handle all information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.
  • By engaging with us, you consent to communication via email, electronic methods, or pre-paid post.

5. Basis of Sale:

  • Goods descriptions on our website do not constitute contractual offers.
  • We reserve the right to reject orders for any reason and will inform you promptly.
  • The order process allows you to review and correct errors before submission.

6. Price and Payment:

  • Prices, delivery, and additional charges are as stated on our website.
  • Payment is required upon order submission; we may process payment immediately.
  • Prices include VAT at the applicable rate.

7. Delivery:

  • We aim to deliver goods to the specified Delivery Location within an agreed period, not exceeding 30 days from contract inception.
  • Delivery to locations outside the UK may incur additional charges, including import duties or taxes.

8. Governing Law and Jurisdiction:

  • The Contract is governed by English law, and disputes will be resolved in English courts.
  • We aim to resolve any complaints promptly and amicably.